1976-2013 County Map

1976-2013 Texas Death Sentences by County

Notes of explanation:
This information has been compiled from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and various news sources. Please note that these figures correspond with the county in which the case originated, not where the trial occurred.

These figures do not include resentences. They do include the 297 people who have been removed from death row due to exoneration, death in custody, or a reduced sentence (as of December 11, 2013). This accounts for the discrepancy that often appears between the number sentenced and the number awaiting execution. For a complete list of offenders who have been removed from death row, by county, contact TCADP Program Coordinator Vicki McCuistion at info@tcadp.org or 512-441-1808.

Texas Death Penalty Developments in 2013: The Year in Review is available online at www.tcadp.org/TexasDeathPenaltyDevelopments2013.pdf. Contact Kristin Houlé at khoule@tcadp.org to receive a copy directly via email.

See http://tcadp.org/2008-2013-new-death-sentences/ for a map of new death sentences by county from 2008 to 2013.

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Infographics are available at http://tcadp.org/2013tcadpinfographics/.