The Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (TCADP) is a statewide, grassroots membership organization working to end the death penalty in Texas. TCADP engages in outreach, education, and advocacy aimed at raising awareness of issues related to the death penalty and mobilizing the citizens of Texas - and their elected officials - to support abolition. We invite all concerned citizens to join our growing movement.

23 February 2015 ~ Comments Off

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Stays Execution of Rodney Reed

Today the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals halted the execution of Rodney Reed, which was scheduled to take place on March 5th.  The court issued the stay to consider new evidence that may establish Reed’s innocence in the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites. Here’s a statement from Reed’s lawyer, Bryce Benjet, a staff attorney with the Innocence […]

18 February 2015 ~ Comments Off

Press Release: TCADP Annual Conference to Address Shifts in Death Penalty

More than 120 advocates and supporters from across Texas will gather this Saturday, February 21, 2015 at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Austin for the 17th annual conference of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. This event, Death Penalty Fault Lines: A Seismic Shift in Ground, will feature workshops, a keynote address, and a panel discussion about the current cracks in the death penalty system in Texas.

13 February 2015 ~ Comments Off

Attorneys for Rodney Reed file new appeal

Yesterday, attorneys for Rodney Reed filed a new appeal in Bastrop County based on new witness testimony and forensic evidence that supports their client’s innocence.  Reed is scheduled to be put to death by the State of Texas on March 5 for the 1996 murder of Stacy Stites.  Reed claims that he and Stites were romantically involved.  His […]

05 February 2015 ~ Comments Off

State of Texas executes Donald Newbury; Supreme Court stays execution of Lester Bower

Last night the State of Texas carried out its third execution of the year, putting Donald Newbury to death for the 2000 murder of Irving Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins.  Newbury was serving a 99-year sentence for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon when he and six other inmates broke out of the Connally Unit near Kenedy, Texas […]

02 February 2015 ~ Comments Off

TCADP’s February 2015 Alert: Execution updates; advocacy opportunities; and the 2015 Annual Conference

In this month’s e-newsletter from TCADP, you’ll find information about two executions scheduled to take place in February as well as new resources and opportunities for faith leaders. You’ll also find links to a recent report on exonerations in 2014 and a thought-provoking article on the role IQ scores play in determining whether an individual with intellectual disabilities should be exempt from execution.

29 January 2015 ~ Comments Off

State of Texas Executes Robert Ladd

Tonight, the State of Texas carried out its second execution of the year, putting Robert Ladd to death for the 1996 murder of Vicki Ann Garner in Tyler (Smith County).  Late this afternoon the U.S. Supreme Court rejected an appeal that evidence of Ladd’s intellectual disabilities should bar his execution, in accordance with the Court’s own ruling in […]

27 January 2015 ~ Comments Off

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals halts execution of Garcia White, denies appeal of Robert Ladd

Earlier today, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued a reprieve to Garcia White. White was scheduled to be put to death on January 28th for the 1989 stabbing deaths of Bonita Edwards and her 16-year-old twin daughters, Annette and Bernette, in their Houston home. He was convicted by a Harris County jury in 1996.  The […]

23 January 2015 ~ Comments Off

State of Texas executes Arnold Prieto

The State of Texas carried out its first execution of 2015 on Wednesday, January 21, putting Arnold Prieto to death for the 1993 robbery and murders of Rudolfo and Virginia Rodriguez and Paula Moran, a family friend, at the home of the San Antonio couple.  Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez were relatives of Prieto’s two companions that […]