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10 September 2013 ~ Comments Off on Death Penalty Off the Table for Cathy Lynn Henderson

Death Penalty Off the Table for Cathy Lynn Henderson

Today the Travis County District Attorney’s Office announced that it will not seek another death sentence for Cathy Lynn Henderson, who will be retried on charges of capital murder in the death of three-month-old Brandon Baugh in 1994.  According to the Austin American-Statesman (“Death penalty ruled out for Henderson,” September 9, 2013), “Henderson was granted a new trial last December by a sharply divided Court of Criminal Appeals, which ruled that scientific advances raised doubts about testimony from prosecution experts about Brandon’s cause of death.”  If she is convicted, Henderson faces a sentence of life in prison.  Prosecutors have not revealed when they expect her new trial to begin.

Read the full article from the Statesman and TCADP’s post about the court’s decision last year to overturn Henderson’s conviction.

Today’s announcement leaves eight women on death row in Texas.  Henderson was just two days away from being executed in 2007 when the Court of Criminal Appeals granted her a stay and ordered an evidentiary hearing.

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05 December 2012 ~ Comments Off on CCA Overturns Conviction of Cathy Lynn Henderson, Orders New Trial

CCA Overturns Conviction of Cathy Lynn Henderson, Orders New Trial

Today the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals upheld the recommendation of Judge Jon Wisser that Cathy Lynn Henderson should receive a new trial based on evolving scientific understanding of infant head trauma.  Henderson was convicted and sentenced to death in Travis County for the 1994 murder of three-month-old Brandon Baugh.  While she was baby-sitting him, Brandon suffered from a head injury that prosecutors said was deliberately caused by Henderson but that she claimed was an accident.

According to the Austin American-Statesman (“Henderson granted new trial in baby’s 1994 death,” December 5, 2012), former medical examiner Roberto Bayardo “testified at Henderson’s trial that it was ‘impossible’ to attribute the boy’s extensive head injury to an accidental fall. Later, Bayardo said advancements in the understanding of pediatric head injuries indicate that relatively short falls onto a hard surface could produce injuries similar to those he discovered during Brandon’s 1994 autopsy.”

The Austin Chronicle reports that three judges disagreed with the appeal court’s finding (“Henderson Granted New Trial,” December 5, 2012):

Presiding Judge Sharon Keller and Judge Michael Keasler joined in Judge Barbara Hervey’s conclusion that just because science has changed and evolved – and thus, cast doubt on a conviction – that doesn’t mean that there is any “ground on which relief should be granted.”

The case now returns to Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, who must decide whether to retry Henderson – and more importantly, whether to again seek the death penalty.

Henderson is one of 10 women on death row in Texas.

Read more in the Austin Chronicle and Austin American-Statesman.  (Thanks to Steve Hall at StandDown Texas for providing these links.)

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30 March 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Governor Perry about to match Bush’s Texas Execution Record!

With the upcoming scheduled execution of James Clark on April 11, Governor Perry will officially equal former Governor Bush’s record of 152 executions during his term in office, and bypass it with the execution of Cathy Henderson on April 18…

This record will also be historic in that James Clark is mentally retarded. And as we all know the Supreme Court has stopped such executions, but Texas in it’s usual stubbornness continues to execute the mentally retarded and squabble over standards of MR.

This record is disgraceful, along with our many other disgraceful records: first in the nation in teen pregnancy and the number of people who go hungry, near the top in children without health insurance, high school graduation rates, and child poverty,

Are you Proud of Texas?

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