Regional Training

TCADP conducted Community Death Penalty Activist Trainings in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston in 2011 and El Paso  2012.  Five regional trainings were held in 2010.

These day-long trainings provided  information about the goals and objectives of TCADP’s Strategic Plan, particularly as they relate to the 2011 Legislative Session. We also worked with members to develop local action plans that will advance our collective efforts.

The trainings included sessions on the following topics:

  • Membership recruitment and retention
  • Outreach to victims’ family members, faith communities, and law enforcement
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Fundraising
  • Event planning

Through these trainings, TCADP aimed to: strengthen the skills of local members; cultivate new leaders; foster connections among members and enhance a sense of solidarity as a statewide movement; and support the goals and objectives of the 2008-2013 Strategic Plan by developing local action plans.

The regional trainings will be offered in even number years, so as not to conflict with the legislative sessions.

Trainings were hosted in El Paso, South Texas, East Texas, Central Texas, and North Texas in 2010.

Feedback from the Central Texas Regional Leadership Training:

“I got a clear sense of TCADP strategy and advocacy coaching.”

“Learned new things regarding the death penalty in Texas and nationally.”

“Lots of good information.”