(National) Fast and Vigil Updates

NCADP will be continuously updating their blog with “live” and “on the ground” updates from the national Annual Fast and Vigil Against the Death Penalty. Here’s an excerpt from NCADP intern Rachel Lawler’s report:

“This is my first Fast & Vigil and also my first time fasting for more than one day. So far I’ve been able to stave off hunger pangs with Gatorade, water, caffeine gum, and Tabasco sauce. My food/beverage intake will be limited to these three things until July 3rd at midnight….I have always believed that one of the reasons why some people support the death penalty is because they simply don’t know the truth about it. I’d think to myself, ‘If only they knew the real facts, then perhaps they’d feel differently about it.'”
Such dedication and hopefulness should inspire us all to do whatever we individually and collectively can to abolish the death penalty. Give up a meal in solidarity with those fasting abolitionists, write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper, attend a vigil, join an organization.
We will end the death penalty!