Advisory Panel on Wrongful Convictions Issues Recommendations

The Timothy Cole Advisory Panel on Wrongful Convictions recently concluded its work to study the prevention of wrongful convictions. The panel was established by the state legislature in 2009 and named in memory of Timothy Cole, who died in prison while serving time for a crime he did not commit. Cole was later exonerated by […]

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Ohio Parole Board denies clemency for Kevin Keith

Sadly, this morning, the Ohio Parole Board unanimously recommended against clemency for Kevin Keith. To learn more about Kevin Keith and get involved, please visit

Statement from Attorneys for Kevin Keith in Response to Today’s Parole Board Recommendation Against Clemency:

The Governor’s ultimate responsibility is to ensure that no human being is executed in Ohio absent absolute certainty. In Kevin Keith’s case, too many questions remain unanswered, and his execution should not proceed as planned.

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Two DNA Exonerations in Harris County in One Week

In the last six days, two men from Harris County have been released from prison due to DNA evidence of their wrongful conviction.    A state district judge has ordered the release of Michael Anthony Green, who served more than 27 years in prison on a rape charge, the longest of any exonerated person in […]

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