Partners for Justice

Join a growing body of TCADP members who support the work of the organization by making a recurring monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual donation.  As a Partner for Justice, your contributions to TCADP are linked automatically to your credit card or checking account. This option allows you to spread out your financial support for TCADP over the course of a year and provides a steady source of income for the organization.  This is vital to the implementation of our education, training, and outreach programs throughout Texas!

You can change or cancel your pledge to TCADP at any time.  You will receive a receipt for each online transaction by credit card or e-check, as well as a receipt for all contributions in a calendar year for tax purposes.

Sign up online or fill out and return the Partners for Justice Enrollment Form.

What Current Partners for Justice Are Saying…

“Aside from wanting to support the good work TCADP does, giving monthly is a small reminder to me that the work for justice continues even if I’m distracted by other things.   It may not seem as if these small drops are doing much, but together it means we have a dedicated staff to support the volunteers in the field.  Each year we get closer to abolition and every dollar counts.”  – Lynn Walters, Irving, Texas

“Deducting a set amount from my checking account every month is the most efficient way I know of to support a cause I’m passionate about.  No time required, no stamps, no checks, no forgetting.  Try it… you’ll like it!” – Anne Mund, Austin, Texas

“I am a member of the Partners for Justice Program because it is so easy to donate to TCADP.  Before joining I always had great intentions to financially support TCADP, but kept forgetting to do so.  Partners for Justice ensures that I follow through on my intentions—and it is so easy.  I urge you to become a Partner for Justice.” – Bob Van Steenburg, Austin, Texas

“I am a Partner for Justice because I want to abolish the death penalty in Texas, and the TCADP is simply the best organization to make that happen.”  – Dave Atwood, Houston, Texas

“My monthly donation to TCADP as a Partner for Justice helps keep the momentum against the death penalty in Texas going and gives the dedicated staff and volunteers, who work so hard on this issue on our behalf, a vote of confidence and fulfills the practical operational need of funds to count on.   If everyone gives a little, a lot can be accomplished.”  – Mary Heartlein, Houston, Texas