Our Impact

Together with local, state, and national partners, TCADP is working to reduce use of the death penalty in Texas and, ultimately, end this arbitrary, irreversible, and unfair punishment.

Here are some examples of our impact in 2019:

  • Hosted the TCADP 2019 Annual Conference in Austin, with keynote speaker Jason Baldwin (one of the “West Memphis 3”) and panelists State Representative Joe Moody, The Honorable Elsa Alcala, and the Honorable Mike Lynch.
  • Featured prominently in local, state, and national media coverage of death penalty issues.
  • Published year-end report, Texas Death Penalty Developments in 2019: The Year in Review, which received widespread media coverage in Texas.
  • With the TCADP Lobby Corps, advocated for repeal of the death penalty during the 86th Texas Legislature.
  • Mobilized our members and key partners to stop executions in cases that raised troubling questions about the fairness and accuracy of the Texas death penalty (less than half of the executions scheduled for 2019 were actually carried out).
  • Supported the Texas tour of “The Penalty,” a powerful documentary film that weaves together three fascinating storylines and exposes the realities of the death penalty in dramatic, often unexpected, ways.
  • Cultivated relationships with community and faith leaders across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and delivered presentations on the death penalty to a wide range of civic and religious organizations statewide.
  • Organized events featuring exonorees, murder victims’ survivors, family members and friends of persons on death row, and former prosecutors and judges.
  • Attracted new followers and increased engagement on social media.
  • Secured more than 110 recurring donors, whose collective gifts amount to nearly $25,000 in pledges each year.

Our strategic initiatives in 2020 include holding prosecutors accountable for death penalty practices, preventing new death sentences, and amplifying voices of experience. We also continue to build local leadership support in order to dismantle the death penalty, county by county.