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Stop Executions
Texas remained an unfortunate outlier as just one of five states to carry out executions in 2023, leading the nation with eight people put to death this year. Thirteen execution dates were originally set for 2023, but three dates were withdrawn by the trial courts. Additionally, one man received a last-minute stay of execution and one man died of a medical condition.     

Attend Events
The TCADP 2024 Annual Conference: Creating Conscious Communities will take place on Saturday, March 2, 2024, at the Martin University Center on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas. Join us for an inspiring day of education and advocacy! Read about our keynote speaker, Ms. Opal Lee, as well as our panelists and award recipients.

Get Informed
Did you know just four counties in Texas account for nearly half of all executions since 1982?

Learn more facts, including recent jury verdicts in capital trials, death sentences by race, gender, and county, wrongful convictions and executions, and the cost of the death penalty.


Who We Are

TCADP is the only statewide grassroots advocacy organization dedicated solely to ending the death penalty in Texas. Together with local, state, and national partners, TCADP is working to reduce use of the death penalty in Texas and, ultimately, end this arbitrary, irreversible, and unfair punishment.


Texas Death Penalty Facts

Learn more about the history of the death penalty in Texas by visiting Texas Death Penalty Facts.


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