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November 2021: Judge declines to recommend new trial for Rodney Reed, despite evidence of innocence

October 2021: Meet our new Deputy Director and take action to stop another Texas execution.

September 2021: Texas set to execute seven people

August 2021: Rodney Reed returns to court to prove his innocence

July 2021: Film renews scrutiny of the wrongful execution of Carlos DeLuna

June 2021: Texas reschedules execution of veteran John Hummel

May 2021: Updates on cases, legislation, and the next scheduled execution in Texas

April 2021: As Virginia abolishes the death penalty, Texas schedules executions

March 2021 Alert: Abolition comes to the South!

February 2021 Alert: Case updates, legislative developments, and upcoming events

January 2021 Alert: Executions set to resume in Texas, federally this month

December 2020 Alert: Keeping up the fight to stop executions and end the death penalty

November 2020 Alert: Using your voice for justice

October 2020 Alert: Virtual events abound this month

September 2020 Alert: Join us for an evening of forgiveness, hope, and resilience

August 2020 Alert: More federal executions scheduled

July 2020 Alert: “Future dangerousness” and the Texas death penalty

June 2020 Alert: State of Texas scheduled to execute Ruben Gutierrez in two weeks

May 2020 Alert: COVID-19 continues to impact use of death penalty in Texas

April 2020 Alert: Case updates; exonerations in 2019; and recommended media

March 2020 Alert: Another state abandons the death penalty

February 2020 Alert: Get ready for the Texas 2020 Primary Election

January 2020 Alert: A new decade for justice

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