Lobby Corps

The TCADP Lobby Corps is a dedicated group of volunteers who work with our staff and board members to advance our state legislative agenda. Lobby Corps members have played an active role in the last four sessions of the Texas Legislature.  They meet regularly with legislative offices and educate elected officials about the death penalty.  They also build relationships with legislators and share information about death penalty developments in between sessions.

Given the uncertainties surrounding the next state legislative session, which is scheduled to begin in January 2021, we anticipate shifting our Lobby Corps activities to the virtual realm.

Expectations of Lobby Corps Members:

  1. Attend a virtual training session, which will take place on a weekday after the general election in November 2020.
  2. Meet virtually with assigned legislators and/or their staff members during normal business hours, Monday-Thursday throughout the legislative session at least two times monthly.
  3. Keep in touch with assigned legislators and/or their staff members via email, telephone, Facebook or other social media regarding pending or proposed legislation and important death penalty developments, including cases specific to their districts.
  4. Submit written reports at least two times monthly to TCADP regarding any meetings and other interaction with assigned legislators and/or their staff members.
  5. Remotely attend relevant committee hearings.
  6. Dedicate at a minimum 2-4 hours per week to the above interactions with legislators and/or their staff members.
  7. Treat all legislators and their staff members with courtesy and respect, regardless of party affiliation or political differences.
  8. When the legislature is not in session, meet with assigned legislators in their district offices (virtually or in person) and attend local political events, including community forums, town hall meetings, and open house events as opportunities arise and circumstances allow. Follow up with written reports to TCADP.

TCADP Commitments:

  1. Provide training and resources for Lobby Corps members.
  2. Assign specific legislators to be contacted and assist in scheduling meetings with those offices.
  3. Provide information and materials to enable participants to conduct quality visits with legislative offices.
  4. Accompany participants during initial visits (as requested).
  5. Reimburse participants for mileage and parking fees as relevant.  (Alternatively, individuals may claim these expenses as in-kind donations and consider them as deductions on Federal Income Tax returns.)

For more information about the Lobby Corps program, please contact TCADP Executive Director Kristin Cuellar at kristin@tcadp.org.