The Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (TCADP) is a statewide, grassroots membership organization working to end the death penalty in Texas. TCADP engages in outreach, education, and advocacy aimed at raising awareness of issues related to the death penalty and mobilizing the citizens of Texas - and their elected officials - to support abolition. We invite all concerned citizens to join our growing movement.

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Evidence undermines “pillar” of Cameron Todd Willingham conviction

New evidence in the case of Cameron Todd Willingham significantly undermines the credibility of Johnny Webb, the jailhouse informant whose testimony was instrumental in Willingham’s conviction.  Willingham was executed in 2004 for the 1991 arson murder of his three daughters in Corsicana, despite compelling evidence of his innocence, including a much-discredited arson investigation. Maurice Possley, writing for The [...]

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“The Failure of Mitigation” Studies the Last 100 Executed

A new study of 100 people executed in 2012 and 2013 shows that the death penalty system has failed to identify and execute “the worst of the worst.” According to researchers, the overwhelming majority of those executed had deficits of at least one kind, such as intellectual disability, severe mental illness, or severe childhood trauma.

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TCADP August 2014 Alert: Another look at two wrongful Texas executions

TCADP’s August 2014 Alert provides information on scheduled executions and the ongoing lethal injection debacle. It also takes a closer look at investigations into the cases of Cameron Todd Willingham and Carlos DeLuna, both of which bolster evidence that the State of Texas has executed innocent people.

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Another Botched Execution – This Time in Arizona

Today’s execution of Joseph Wood in Arizona took nearly two hours as he repeatedly gasped and snorted, according to witnesses.  Some reports say that Wood gasped more than 600 times during the process.  In coverage by CNN, a media witness from KSAZ likened Wood’s breathing to a “fish gulping for air” and said it was difficult for everyone in the [...]

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Retired Judges Support Appeal of Rodney Reed

On July 21, 2014, eight retired federal and state judges petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to accept an appeal from Rodney Reed, who is scheduled to be executed on January 14, 2015. Among them are Royal Ferguson of Texas, a retired federal judge appointed by President Bill Clinton, and Judge Charles Baird, who served eight years on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and four years as a state district judge in Austin.

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State Bar of Texas to Consider Allegations of Prosecutorial Misconduct in Case of Anthony Graves

The Chief Disciplinary Counsel of the State Bar of Texas has made a “just cause” determination with respect to allegations of prosecutorial misconduct against former Burleson County District Attorney Charles J. Sebesta, Jr. in his prosecution of Anthony Graves in 1994. As a result of Sebesta’s misconduct, Graves spent 18½ years of his life in prison, more than 12½ years of that on death row, for a crime he did not commit and of which he was later completely exonerated by honest prosecutors.

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Marking 38 Years of the “Modern” Death Penalty Era

Today marks 38 years since the United States Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty and paved the way for the resumption of executions. The Court’s decision in Gregg vs. Georgia on July 2, 1976 found that the new death penalty laws of several states (including Texas) “promised” to make the process fairer and less arbitrary.

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Southern Baptist Minister Rev. Jeff Hood to Finish Pilgrimage from Livingston to Austin to Abolish Death Penalty

Rev. Jeff Hood will conclude his 200-mile pilgrimage from Texas’ death row to the State Capitol in Austin today.  Please join us at the Capitol at 5 PM for a press conference and at University Baptist Church at 7 PM to hear Rev.Hood talk about his journey.  Check out this coverage of the pilgrimage in the Huffington Post, courtesy [...]