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Letter to the Editor re Hank Skinner

The following letter regarding the case of Hank Skinner appeared on Sunday, April 4, 2010 in the Amarillo Globe News:

Every time we have heard about a new execution date for Hank Skinner, we’re anxious for that day to come so our family can have some closure.

But then, he has always gotten a reprieve over the DNA testing. We are Lisa Busby’s aunt and uncle and her caretakers. Lisa Busby is Twila Busby’s daughter. She survived because she was spending New Year’s Eve 1993 with poppa and grandma when Hank Skinner killed her mother and two brothers in Pampa.

This has been happening for ten years because the Gray County district attorney will not let Skinner’s DNA be tested. Lynn Switzer does not need anyone’s permission to have the DNA tested. She spent more than $1 million in the unsuccessful Doan murder trials. There is a lab in Arizona that will do the DNA testing for free. It’s not like it’s going to cost a million taxpayers’ dollars to have closure for OUR family. Is the district attorney treating all families equally?

She could have allowed the testing a long time ago. What is the real reason she has not allowed the Hank Skinner DNA testing? We would like to know.

David Brito Garcia


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