Dallas execution Texas victims

Crime Victim Calls for Forgiveness

Texas death row inmate Mark Stroman faces a July 20 execution date for the racially-motivated killing of Vasudev Patel, an Indian of the Hindu faith who owned a gas station and convenience store in Mesquite.  The murder occurred in the wake of the September 11, 2011 attacks in New York City.  Now,  surviving shooting victim Rais Bhuiyan seeks to forgive Stroman for an attack that blinded his right eye and left bullet fragments in his face.

According to the Dallas Morning News (“Bangladesh immigrant seeks stay of execution for man who shot him in 9/11 revenge attack,” May 17, 2011), ” Bhuiyan said his Islamic faith led him to realize ‘hate doesn’t bring any good solution to people. At some point we have to break the cycle of violence. It brings more disaster.’”

Bhuiyan is calling for a stay of execution for Stroman.  He also seeks to educate others about the need for cultural understanding and acceptance.

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