State of Texas Executes Frank Garcia

Last night, Thursday, October 27, 2011, the State of Texas executed Frank Garcia for the 2001 murder of his wife, Jessica Garcia, and San Antonio police officer Sgt. Hector Garza during a domestic disturbance.  Jessica Garcia was the mother of two young children.  Sgt. Garza was a 25-year Police Department veteran and father of five.

Read more from the Houston Chronicle.

Frank Garcia was the 12th person executed by the State of Texas this year. Nationally, 39 people have been put to death in 2011.

On November 9, 2011, Hank Skinner is scheduled to be executed in Texas despite the fact that key evidence collected at the crime scene has never been tested for DNA.  Please sign a new petition from the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty that urges state officials to conduct DNA testing in this case.

One thought on “State of Texas Executes Frank Garcia

  1. Please stop executing people who might be innocent – and those who are clearly guilty come to that. It does you no credit.

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