DNA testing execution Hank Skinner Texas

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Grants Stay to Hank Skinner

We just received confirmation that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA) has issued a stay of execution for Hank Skinner. The order from the CCA states that “the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Chapter 64, which provides for DNA testing, has undergone several changes since its creation, but those changes have never been reviewed in the particular context of this case. Because the DNA statute has changed, and because some of those changes were because of this case, we find that it would be prudent for this Court to take time to fully review the changes in the statute as they pertain to this case.”

Statement from Attorneys for Hank Skinner in Response to the Stay of Execution Granted by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Today:
“The Court of Criminal Appeals with its decision today, has ensured that Mr. Skinner’s request for DNA testing will receive the thorough and serious consideration it deserves. We are grateful for the Court’s action and look forward to the opportunity to make Mr. Skinner’s case for DNA testing in that forum.”
Rob Owen, attorney for Mr. Skinner
November 7, 2011


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