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Texas Monthly: Trials and Errors

The June issue of Texas Monthly magazine features a fascinating discussion that took place recently among some of the most pivotal players in our state’s criminal justice system.  Jake Silverstein, the editor of Texas Monthly, sat down with six individuals to talk about Texas’ abysmal record of wrongful convictions and to ask these questions: Why does this keep happening? Can anything be done to stop it?

The six participants in the panel discussion are:

Art Acevedo has been the chief of the Austin Police Department since 2007.

Rodney Ellis was elected to the state Senate in 1990 from District 13, in Houston.

Anthony Graves was wrongfully convicted in 1992 and released from jail in 2010. He lives in Houston.

Barbara Hervey is a judge on the Court of Criminal Appeals and the chair of the court’s fourteen-member Texas Criminal Justice Integrity Unit. She lives in San Antonio.

Kelly Siegler is a special prosecutor. She lives in Houston.

Craig Watkins is the DA of Dallas County and a former defense attorney.

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