Texas Court of Criminal Appeals halts execution of Ruben Gutierrez

The fourth and final execution scheduled to occur in Texas in October has been stayed (the three other execution dates were stayed or withdrawn, as well).  Earlier today, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals granted a stay to Ruben Gutierrez. He was set to be put to death on October 30, 2019 despite the fact that the state refuses to test DNA evidence from the crime scene.  An earlier execution date of July 31 was withdrawn, as well.

The stay relates to a challenge to the the validity of the execution warrant issued in his case.  Read coverage from the Texas Tribune

A total of 10 execution dates have been stayed or withdrawn in Texas this year; five of the stays were issued by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Seven individuals have been executed (out of 17 nationwide) and four more individuals are scheduled to be executed by the State of Texas before the end of the year.