Austin American-Statesman Furman vs. Georgia U.S. Supreme Court

Marking the anniversary of Furman v. Georgia: 44 years later, the death penalty remains “arbitrary, capricious, and discriminatory”

Today, June 29, marks the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Furman vs. Georgia (1972), which overturned all existing death penalty laws in effect at the time.  In Furman, the Justices […]

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Editorials Decry Texas Attorney General’s Decision to Uphold Secrecy in Lethal Injection Process

Three major Texas newspapers – the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Houston Chronicle, and the Austin American-Statesman – have published editorials in the last week decrying Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s […]

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Austin American-Statesman Editorial: Texas juries choosing life without parole

“Whatever the reason for the decline in the number of executions in Texas, it is welcome news,” according to the Austin American-Statesman Editorial Board.  In an editorial published today, December […]