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TCADP has identified priority initiatives that need your support.  Learn more and complete the form below to get involved in a particular initiative:

Ask Your Clergy to Sign the Interfaith Clergy Sign-on Letter
In order to demonstrate the depth and breadth of faith-based opposition to the death penalty in Texas, TCADP seeks to release the Interfaith Statement to the media, to elected officials, and to the public at large during the next regular session of the Texas Legislature in 2015.  We are seeking support for a  “Faith Leader Lobby Day on the Death Penalty” to be held during the next session.  Share and sign the interfaith sign-on letter.

Communicate with your elected State Representative and Senator
TCADP has a trained volunteer Lobby Corps reaching out to our elected Texas State Representatives and Senators.  However, it is vital that as a constituent that you be in contact with your elected leaders.  For talking points and more information please review the information found at this link.  After your visit be sure to complete the Legislator tracking sheet so the TCADP Lobby Corps is aware of your communications and what you learned from your visit.

Promote the Regional Speakers’ Tour scheduled for the Fall of 2014
TCADP will host speaking events  in Houston/College Station, Austin/San Antonio, and Dallas-Fort Worth in the Fall of 2014.  Contact info@tcadp.org or 512-441-1808 for more information on local opportunities and ways you can support this outreach effort. http://tcadp.org/get-involved/work-locally/

Increase Membership Growth and Diversity
Download a “Count Me In” form, circulate it at your faith or civic meeting, and mail completed forms to TCADP.  TCADP is actively seeking support from diverse political, civic, and religious spectrums to increase our reach and and impact.  Criminal justice professionals and victim family members willing to share their perspectives are also high priorities. If you have not subscribed to TCADP, do it today and let us know about yourself so we can utilize your unique voice effectively.

Outreach to Conservatives
TCADP Board Member, Pat Monks is actively involved with Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty, a national organization of Conservatives seeking to raise the dialogue on the death penalty.  Are you Conservative and concerned and want to support these efforts? Email info@tcadp.org or call 512-441-1808 to learn how you can get involved.

Complete the following form to express interest in any or all of the above initiatives.  TCADP will follow up with you shortly on ways to get involved.

TCADP's Five Priority Initiatives

    Please check all that apply. *These opportunities are a top priority for TCADP in 2014 and welcome your support.

Here are additional ways for you to be involved with TCADP:

Organizational Development

Become a member of TCADP.  Encourage others to join, as well. Join online or download a membership form.

NEW! – Encourage local organizations and institutions to sign an organizational statement of support and affiliation.  Share form with your favorite churches, civic groups, etc. (Save PDF to your computer, complete, print and mail/email to TCADP.)

Host a house party/fundraiser and invite your friends to donate to TCADP.  TCADP will provide resource information and a speaker.

Join the TCADP email list. Emails include information on upcoming executions, legislative updates, and area events of interest. Look for the “Receive Email Updates” button on the TCADP home page, www.tcadp.org.

Attend the TCADP Annual Conference.  (next conference:  February, 2015 – Austin)

Remember TCADP in your end-of-year giving!  And consider becoming a Partner for Justice!

Become a fan on Facebook.  Follow us on TwitterJoin the TCADP Social Media Rapid Response Team
Help TCADP expand its reach and communicate important messages online!  Sign up today to be a part of the TCADP Social Media Rapid Response Team. (You don’t have to be in Texas to be helpful!) http://tcadp.org/social-media-team/

Download a “Count Me In” form, circulate it, and mail signatures to TCADP.

Volunteer with TCADP.  We can use your expertise and assistance in multiple ways.

Education and Outreach

Organize an information table with literature on the death penalty at local festivals, civic meetings, or faith communities. TCADP can provide you with petitions, general handouts, and information with various perspectives on the issue.

Write a letter to the editor or post online comments in response to death penalty related stories you read in your local newspaper. Contact the office for sample language you might use.

Publish an article on the death penalty in your next newsletter or in other civic or faith publications.

Watch a film on the death penalty and hold a discussion in your civic group, class or faith community (see the death penalty resource list for film suggestions).

Host a speaker on the death penalty (see the  TCADP’s Speakers’ Bureau, which includes attorneys, murder victims’ family members, a former death house chaplain, mental health experts, and others).

Ask your clergy to sign the interfaith sign-on letter.

Learn about TCADP’s partnership with Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation (MVFR); visit “victim outreach” at www.tcadp.org.


Write, visit, and call your state senator and representative and share your concerns about the Texas death penalty. Determine the legislator’s position on the death penalty and then share the information you gather with the TCADP office.  Always be polite and professional!  Learn how under the “Contact Lawmakers” section of the TCADP website.

Work with your political party on the precinct, district and state level to pass resolutions calling for the repeal of the death penalty.

Attend the TCADP Lobby Day held during the Legislative session.  Apply to be a part of the TCADP Lobby Corps.

Learn where candidates for elected office (including state legislators, judges, and district attorneys) stand on the death penalty.

For more information or assistance with any of these project ideas, please contact the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty: (512) 441-1808 or info@tcadp.org.

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