Anti-Death Penalty Activist Wins Primary

**Note: TCADP does not endorse political parties or candidates, but we do applaud politicians and political hopefuls who take the right stand on the death penalty.**

This extremely exciting news regarding our neighbor to the north (Oklahoma) just came to me via NCADP’s Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins:

Friends –

Bud Welch calls tonight with great news!

Andrew Rice, whose brother was killed in the World Trade Center, and who is in Peaceful Tomorrows, along with his sister Amy, is from Oklahoma City. Andrew and Amy were among the ones who met with Renny Cushing and Bud Welch with the mother of Zacharias Moussauoi last year in that amazing meeting.

Andrew decided to run for the State Senate in Oklahoma. He is a very progressive Democrat and anti-death penalty. He ran for State Senate District 46 which is the downtown area including the Memorial grounds.

Bud called just now to tell that Andrew won the primary tonight with 60% – and its a safe Democrat seat for the fall general election.

A good day for all of us, and thanks to Bud for helping Andrew to win!