June 2014 Alert: Attorney General Upholds Shroud of Secrecy in TX Lethal Injection Process

Read more about the Office of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott issuing an order that defends secrecy at the expense of open government – reversing the position his office took in three prior opinions in recent years. This June alert also includes info on upcoming executions, death penalty developments and coming events.

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TCADP April Alert: Executions Continue in Texas with New Drug Supply, More Secrecy

The State of Texas is scheduled to carry out three executions this month, using a newly obtained supply of pentobarbital. Late last week, a state judge ordered the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) to disclose the source of the new drug supply, rejecting arguments that such information should be kept secret because of “security concerns.” On Friday, however, the Texas Supreme Court blocked the judge’s order and stopped the release of information to attorneys for two inmates scheduled for execution in April. Further litigation and appeals are pending. This Alert also includes information on upcoming regional events. Check it out!

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We are Amplifying Austin! We won the extra $1000!

Thanks to your incredible support and generosity, TCADP won an extra $1,000 for having the most donors between 1:00 and 2:00 PM through the Amplify Austin campaign!! So far, we’ve raised more than $3,100 with donations ranging from $20 to $500 (not including that extra $1,000). It’s been a great day!

Until 6pm, you can give at https://amplifyatx.ilivehereigivehere.org/TCADP/overview

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