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Does Texas REALLY Care for its children?

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst confuses me. This morning coming into Austin, KUT reported the Lt Gov was fighting the extension of the application for the CHIP program (Children’s Health Insurance) from 6 months to 12 months. He only wants children who really need the help to be on the list, and that is better determined in his mind every 6 months rather than every year.

How can the Lt. Gov. who wants the death penalty for child sex offenders to “protect” the children of Texas, not want to provide adequate access to health care for those same children?

Texas has the most uninsured children in the nation!

46th in the nation of children living in poverty!

We are 27 in per capita income….

So we are to believe that we the people of Texas are more than happy to pay for a death penalty trial at $2.3 million, after someone has molested our child, but we do not want to pay for any program that keeps them healthy, educated, or out of poverty while a child!?

We all know preventative health care is better and less expensive. I would think this would apply to other areas of policy as well. Why is this so hard?