HB 682

Update: HB 682 Left Pending
live streaming of this hearing…


Casey Magnuson, victim of violent crime
Les Breeding, TCADP board member

Positions on HB 682 from people who did not wish to testify:

Jean Van Steenburg – yes
Walter Long – yes
Terry Been – yes
Victoria McCuistion – yes
Norman Garza – against
Chris Cole- yes
Dennis Cole – yes
Tracy Medberry – yes
Kelly Howe – yes
Bee Moorehead – yes
Elizabeth Cole – yes
Barbara Budde – yes
Colleen McGee – yes
Jimmy Coombes – yes
Sherry Coombes – yes
Crystal Wilson – yes
Caren Carrizales – yes
Michael Heath – yes
Nancy Hyde – yes
Margaret Tomney – yes
Angela Diener – yes
Anne Mund – yes
Herbert Diener – yes
Kristin HoulĂ© – yes

HB 682 was left pending.