Petition to Remove Judge Sharon Keller from Office

To: Members of the Texas Legislature, Governor Perry and the People of Texas

Judge Sharon Keller should be removed as a judge on the Texas Court of
Criminal Appeals either through impeachment, resignation or at the end
of her trial on misconduct charges brought by the State Commission on
Judicial Conduct. Keller's unethical conduct has brought discredit on
the Texas judiciary. As longs as Keller is in office, the quality of
justice in Texas remains discredited.

Keller has violated the public trust placed in her to dispense justice
fairly and impartially. She broke the rules of her own court when she
refused to accept an appeal 20 minutes after 5 PM from a person on the
day set for his execution. In addition, she has asked the people of
Texas to pay for her legal expenses to defend herself while she failed
to report millions of dollars in assets to the Texas Ethics Commission.

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