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San Antonio Students Protest Death Penalty

On Friday, March 26 2010, dozens of San Antonio college and university students from the metropolitan area, gathered on the Main Plaza to participate in the first Intercollegiate Protest for Death Penalty Truth. The event was designed to protest against Texas’ use of capital punishment, encouraging action among college students to imagine the feelings associated with an impending execution and the inconsistencies with the current criminal justice system in Texas.
The protest was organized by students from all major San Antonio area universities as a direct result from student participation at TCADP’s Central Texas Leadership Training in Wimberley on January 30, 2010.
Unlike most protests against government injustice, these students opted for no marching, yelling, or raising of signs. Instead, “each student stood at a lectern and read the last words of one of the 451 inmates executed in Texas since the death penalty’s reinstatement in 1982…then, one by one, each student lay down on the gravel…holding a white paper cross with the names of the executed written across the center.”
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