Cameron Todd Willingham death penalty Texas Forensic Science Commission wrongful execution

Coverage of Texas Forensic Science Commission Meeting

On Friday, April 23, 2010 the Texas Forensic Science Commission met in Irving, Texas to discuss a number of cases that have been postponed since Governor Rick Perry replaced three of the commission’s members last year. One case under consideration was that of Cameron Todd Willingham. Willingham (additional coverage available here) was executed in 2004 for arson, although a number of forensic science reports have raised serious concerns regarding the evidence which led to Willingham’s death sentence and his possible wrongful execution.

Despite the commission’s meeting, substantial progress was not made on the case with newly appointed commission chairman John Bradley offering no timeline for deciding on Willingham’s case and commission member Sarah Kerrigan stating that a decision on Willingham’s case was “still in its infancy”. The sub-commission which is reviewing the file did add a fourth member on Friday- Lance Evans, a Fort-Worth criminal defense attorney.
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