Capital defense Lubbock County W. Texas Regnl Defender for Cap. Cases

West Texas Regional Public Defender for Capital Cases May Get Expansion

A Lubbock based capital defense office submitted an application for t $7.65 million grant from the Texas Task Force on Indigent Defense to increase the work of the West Texas Regional Defender for Capital Cases. According to an article by the Avalanche Journal an approved application would expand the West Texas based office to be responsible for indigent capital defense cases throughout the state, specifically 240 counties throughout Texas including all those with populations of less than 300,000

According to David Slayton, director of court administration for Lubbock County:
From a nationwide perspective, it really elevates Texas’ standards to show Texas is willing to provide the best possible defense they can for individuals charged with capital murder and willing to take whatever steps that requires
to make sure that happens.”

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