CBS “48 Hours” featured Anthony Graves on Saturday

CBS News “48 Hours” was there when Anthony Graves walked out of jail a free man in October of 2010.

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Follow-up on “Early Show” regarding Anthony Graves’ compensation after airing of  “48 Hours” episode:;photovideo

Grave Injustice:  Convicted of murder and sentenced to death… 16 years later, students help set Anthony Graves free. Richard Schlesinger reports.

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16 thoughts on “CBS “48 Hours” featured Anthony Graves on Saturday

  1. Give Anthony Graves his compensation. The state of Texas sentenced an innocent man to jail for 18 years and have the audacity not to compensate him?!?! He lost a good part of his life for something he did not do. Do the right thing and give him his due money!!!!!

  2. Anthony Graves should be compensated in the millions of dollars because of the gross injustice he has suffered losing 18 years of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was innocent, but he was railroaded by sloppy investigation.

  3. Not to give this man the funds to which he is entitled constitutes another injustice. As it is, no amount of money can give him his life bach. However, he needs to be able totry to feed his emotional and mental health without having to worry about his next meal.

  4. I know how this stuff works If prosecutors don’t win cases they get fired (I have seen it)Sometimes they don’t get to the next pay level! they should never lie and fabricate wrongful evidence. That system is screwed up they didn’t even get his release words correct. Accident-I think NOT. that man deserves the money. However Anthony Graves if you get it please don’t ruin your family. I have seen lottery money mess people up so badly. Love your family and use the money wisely, I pray you get it I also pray that you will have a very long and healthy life to make time to know your children. I don’t how such evil could occur from the justice system- note the word JUSTICE. My heart truly aches for you. I am so hurt for your family. Go with God – keep your eyes on Him and you will do well. XO frantami

  5. I just watched the show with my wife about Anthony Graves with a heavy heart. He so bravely held his head up and forgave his accusers who put him unjustly behind bars for 18 years. I believe it was his faith in God that saw him to freedom, and am encouraged by his positive attitude even now after all he has gone through. God is great! You asked for comments as to whether or not he should be compensated by Texas who are clinging to a technicality to prevent him from what they would otherwise owe. I speak for my wife and for myself that we wholeheartedly feel that Texas should stand up for the wrongs of its prosecutors and pay the man what they owe him! It’s not fair compensation to anyone for what they subjected Anthony to, but it would be a start. They should also offer him an apology and a key to the state. Finally, Texas should seriously rethink their justice system. Most people are aware that Texas has the highest number of death row convictions that are overturned following execution, and it’s not something any people should be proud of. It’s a sad indictment of the state of their justice system, and that maybe it’s not justice they are actually seeking!

  6. The DA who trumped up false charges and evidence against Graves should be sent to death row. This cannot be the first or last case he pushed through the courts the way he did this one and I have no doubt he’s sent innocent people to their death a numbers of times.

    The State of Texas needs to pay the false imprisonment charges they owe Graves.

  7. Dear Sirs:
    -Anthony Graves should receive his compensation
    -The death penalty should be abolished.

  8. Mr. Graves definitely, without a doubt should be compensated for the injustice that he experienced as a result of the District Attorney’s obvious cover up of facts in the case. No amount of money could ever make up for such a travesty that Mr. Graves had to endure. However, the state should do the right thing and compensate him as officials would expect if this would have happened to one of them or their family member.

    • YES,please give this innocent man a compensation and an APOLOGY FROM THE STATE OF TEXAS. I couldn’t believe this story. It was so sad
      and unbelieving. Thank you to the professor and her students that
      did research to show his innocence and new evidence. Also the NEW prosecutor that
      realized there were all kinds of things wrong with this case. Thank you!!!!!
      Please fine a big $ amount to the old prosecutor and put him in prison
      for at least 1 year. See how he likes that because he is guilty!!!!

  9. Yes I watched this last weekend I believe. It was just incredible, and incredibly sad. It inspired me to do my persuasive speech for my speech class on abolishing the death penalty. I recommend you watch it if you can.


  10. Comment on Anthony Graves,

    Of course he should be compensated. Our goverment is so concerned about children growing up without parents and his children were forced to grow up without their father. It is obscene. I had heard that Texas was 100 years behind and I’m inclined to beleive that if they can’t see the injustice done to Mr. Graves and compensate him for said injustice!

  11. I believe Anthony Graves should receive compensation based on his 18 year incarceration for a crime he did not commit. He has lost his whole life and will never be the same again. I truly believe he is deserving of some sort of monetary compensation for all of his personal losses.

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