Hank Skinner

Monday, November 7: Join Justice4Hank Day of Action

Join the Justice4Hank Day of Action on Monday November 7, 2011 and call Gov. Perry’s office to ask that he stay the execution and allow the evidence to be tested. Here’s how:

1.) Make the Call: Dial the general number for Governor Perry: (512) 463-2000

2.) Speak Your Mind: When the receptionist in your representative’s office answers the phone, politely say: My name is ________ and I live in ________, TX. I’m calling to ask Gov. Perry to stay the execution of Hank Skinner and allow for DNA testing in his case. Gov. Perry signed SB122 into law this year to ensure that if DNA evidence is available to prove innocence or guilt, it can and will be tested. Please stay Hank Skinner’s execution and test the evidence for DNA.

3.) Spread the Word: Share this Facebook post with others!

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