Federal Judge Stays Execution of Beunka Adams

According to the Associated Press, U.S. District Judge Michael Schneider has granted a stay of execution to Beunka Adams.  Adams was scheduled to be executed on Thursday, April 26, 2012 for the murder of 37-year-old Kenneth Vandever outside Rusk, Texas in 2002.   Judge Schneider stayed the execution so that courts can “review allegations that Adams had poor legal help in the early stages of his appeals.”

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Anthony Bartee is scheduled to be executed by the State of Texas next Wednesday, May 2, 2012, for the murder of David Cook, despite the fact that DNA testing ordered by State District Judge Mary Roman still has not been conducted or considered by the courts.  Read more about this case and take action today!

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  1. damn, too bad it wasn’t one of this whack judge’s loved one brutally murdered 10 years ago.

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