death penalty repeal

Maryland Legislature Passes Repeal of the Death Penalty!

Moments ago Maryland’s House of Delegates voted 82-56 to end the death penalty. The bill will go on to Governor Martin O’Malley, who has already promised to sign it and make it law.

Maryland WILL become the sixth state in six years to end the death penalty.

Across the country the death penalty is crumbling before our eyes – thanks to you.

TCADP is so grateful that you are a part of this movement and we are also grateful to the Maryland lawmakers. A few Maryland House Delegates in particular showed unwavering strength and leadership in making this victory happen. They deserve special recognition and EJUSA is helping make it possible.

Will you join us in thanking them?

It’s just as critical that we acknowledge lawmakers when they do something right as it is to admonish them when they don’t. We want to show them that people across the nation are proud of Maryland today.

We also need to remind them that the work isn’t finished. Governor O’Malley has pledged to use some of the savings from ending the death penalty to improving services for people who have lost loved ones to murder.

Let’s make sure that happens.

Thank these key Maryland House leaders for standing up to end the death penalty but also ask that they do the same for victims’ families.

Ending the death penalty is a triumph in itself. But justice is more than just the absence of injustice.

If we stay focused now, we can fill the space that the broken death penalty used to occupy with something that can actually work to make communities safer and healthier.

Together, brick by brick, we are building a better world. Thank you for everything you’ve done to make this movement real.