Annual Conference death penalty

TCADP to hold gatherings in Fort Worth, Dallas, Allen, Denton, Houston and San Antonio!

TCADP is busy this week and next conducting membership gatherings in the Metroplex, Houston and San Antonio.

Each gathering  will share information about TCADP’s priority initiatives in the coming year and discuss recent state and regional death penalty developments. Members will receive a preview of the TCADP 2014 Annual Conference, which is taking place next February in Fort Worth (our first conference in Cowtown), and offer opportunities for your involvement.

Detailed information on each event can be found on the Attend Events page of the TCADP website.  Please RSVP and attend!

And if you are wondering about ways you can get involved and help TCADP end the Texas death penalty, a short list of top priorities can be found on the Take Action page of the TCADP website.