Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stays execution of Kwame Rockwell

Today, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stayed the execution of Kwame Rockwell, finding that a Texas trial court was in error in ruling that Mr. Rockwell failed to meet the threshold showing required for funds for a mental health expert.  Rockwell was scheduled to be put to death next Wednesday, October 24, 2018.

Following is a statement from David Dow and Jeff Newberry, Mr. Rockwell’s attorneys:

“Mr. Rockwell is not competent for execution, which is why the state itself usually houses him in a psychiatric facility and prescribes him anti-psychotic medication. Mr. Rockwell has been diagnosed by both state and defense doctors as schizophrenic. His case of mental illness is severe and chronic. Today’s ruling supports another ruling, from a federal court, both affirming Mr. Rockwell has demonstrated his case merits funds for mental health experts.”

– David Dow and Jeff Newberry, attorneys for Kwame Rockwell 

– October 19, 2018

Today’s decision from Texas Court of Criminal Appeals can be accessed here: https://tinyurl.com/ya2vxkp3

Mr. Rockwell’s Appeal to the CCA from the Tarrant County 4th Criminal District Court’s Order Denying Relief in Article 46.05 Proceedings can be accessed here:https://tinyurl.com/ydcen2o3

Background information on Rockwell is available here.

This is the third stay of execution granted by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in 2018; the two other stays were based on claims of intellectual disabilities.