Was it botched?

From a Witness….

Briefly, regarding Anthony Nealy, it was a botched execution, but it wasn’t so botched as to make the experience anymore horrible than it already was. That is, blood didn’t flow, no blood curdling screams, etc.
Anthony explained during his final statement that the prison staff had a difficult time finding a vein in which to insert the hypodermic syringes. There are needles in each arm.
Anthony spoke for awhile. I’m guessing about 3 minutes. Most final statements are the preverbal 25 words or less. In fact, the prison executed Craig Ogan during the middle of his final statement.
After Anthony said that he was done, there was a long pause. Now, I’ve only witnessed two other executions …but it seemed long to me.
Then Anthony said “I can feel it. It tastes nasty”. That was in a normal tone of voice. Also, everyone I know who says “It tastes nasty”, also gives a facial expression of trying to shake the taste out of his or her mouth. Anthony did that, too.
Then Anthony’s head bobbed for a few seconds. His head stopped bobbing, but he twitched a little bit. Anthony never closed his eyes, which made it unpleasant, but I have to assume that his eyes never closing didn’t have anything to do with the botched execution.


Texas continues to march along with its executions, including the upcoming execution of April 11 of James Lee Clark, who according to the source is Mentally Retarded, “The experts who tested Clark found the following:
IQ 65 – 3 adaptive behavior deficits
IQ 68 – several adaptive behavior deficits. ” More information on this case can be found at