Execution Today and Tommorrow!

Vincent Gutierrez to be executed TODAY!
Vincent Gutierrez is scheduled for execution for the March 1997 killing of Captain Jose Cobo of the US Air Force. Gutierrez allegedly shot Cobo while he and Randy Arroyo were robbing him for car parts. Originally Arroyo also received a death sentence, but this was commuted when the Supreme Court ruled against juvenile executions.
Vincent Gutierrez should not be executed for this crime. At the time of this crime, Arroyo was 17 and Gutierrez was just 12 months older. Since Gutierrez was over 18 at the time, he is the only person receiving death for this crime. At least 6 jurors who convicted him have signed affidavits saying this is arbitrary and would like to see his sentenced commuted.

Roy Pippin to be Executed on Thursday, March 29!
Roy Pippin was convicted of shooting two people during a drug related offense. Roy has been a model prisoner doing much of his own legal work and helping many other inmates with their legal work as well. Roy has held hunger strikes in the past to address prison conditions and has been successful in making changes at the Polunsky Unit. Roy’s most recent hunger strike was to address isolation and conditions at the Polunsky unit. He would like to be remembered for always fighting for the humane treatment of prisoners. Protest this execution by attending a vigil in your community!
Cathy Henderson needs Clemency Letters and People to PROTEST in Huntsville!
Cathy Henderson (pictured with Sr. Helen Prejean) is scheduled to be executed in Texas on April 18 for the 1994 murder of Brandon Baugh, an infant she was babysitting. Henderson would be the 12th woman put to death in the U.S. since capital punishment was reinstated.
Since her arrest, Henderson has maintained that the child’s death was accidental. She said that she dropped the baby, fracturing his skull, and then panicked after realizing she could not revive him. She then buried the boy’s body and fled to Missouri, where authorities captured her nearly two weeks later. Henderson said that she is sorry for Brandon’s death and that she feels regret every day for the pain she caused his family. She notes, “I wish there was something I could do to comfort them, and if it’s going to comfort them to end my life for an accident, I hope this gives them comfort.” Henderson’s spiritual advisor, Sister Helen Prejean, well-known author of “Dead Man Walking”, believes Brandon’s death was an accident. She said that the public needs to understand that Henderson is not a monster. “It’s easy to kill a monster. It’s hard to kill a real human being,” she noted.
The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Henderson’s final appeal. She is seeking clemency from Texas Governor Rick Perry.
Write Clemency letters now and join Sister Helen in Huntsville for the vigil to protest her execution. Cathy suggested to Sr. Helen, “that if lots of people showed up for a nobody and protested my execution maybe the state would start paying attention.”
Write a letter and join us at a vigil somewhere in Texas, or in Huntsville if you can!