Witness Testimony and Anthony Graves

News: March 30, 2007

The Austin Chronicle posted an update on the Anthony Graves case that brings up several points that have long troubled me. One of the witnesses who recanted testimony has since been executed – obviously prevents further questioning. And from the same article ” late last year, Chief Texas Ranger Ray Coffman told the court no fewer than five times, reports the Houston Chronicle that Carter repeatedly told him that Graves was not involved in the murder. But at a pretrial hearing earlier this month, Coffman changed his testimony, reportedly saying that Carter never made any such statement. “

Isn’t it disturbing how many times cases involve witnesses that change or recant statements? How can we be making the decision of life or death based on the infallibility of witness statements? Witnesses who often have something to gain or lose in the process of testifying.

Keep your eye on the Graves case, it should be interesting to see whether Justice can be finally served in this case.