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Obit Magazine on the Texas Death Penalty

“An old adage promises that the only definite things in life are death and taxes. Wrongdoers in the Lone Star state may read that differently: The only thing guaranteed in this life is ‘death in Texas.’”

That’s the opening of a July 13 article that appeared in Obit, an online magazine that examines life through the lends of death. The article goes on to address recent trends in Texas, particularly with regard to new death sentences. It also features the observations of Jim Willett, the director of the Texas Prison Museum and retired prison official, who noted that the museum receives visitors from all over the world:

“’They’re not so much against the death penalty, although some certainly are, but they’re curious about it all. They just don’t have it where they come from,’” he said.

Willett says it’s not wrong to say that Texans like the death penalty, but that’s not a complete picture of his state.

‘We do carry out with the threat,’ he says, ‘but we’re probably some of the most friendly people in the world.'”
Obit soon will publish an article featuring former death house chaplain Reverend Carroll Pickett, so stay tuned!