Commentary on GOP Gubernatorial comment for moratorium on death penalty

On February 14, 2010, the San Antonio Express News ran the following statement by Debra Medina, in which the GOP gubernatorial candidate for Texas called for a moratorium on the death penalty.

“Medina: Hold off on executions”

Debra Medina met with the Houston Chronicle editorial board Friday. Amid
discussion of a range of topics large and small, she called for a
moratorium on the state’s death penalty.

“I’m a supporter of the death penalty. I believe there are some crimes so
heinous that death is the only just punishment, and as aware as I am of
some of these ‘truther’ conspiracy theories, I’m also generally, vaguely
aware of a real unrest and unease in criminal justice.

“I’m uncomfortable enough with what’s going on to say, ‘I think we have to
have a moratorium on executions until we figure out whats going on in
criminal justice in Texas.’ I don’t have all the answers there, but Im at
least willing to say I think there’s enough questions being asked about
the process. Theres enough indication that something’s terribly wrong that
we ought not to be executing people until we get that figured out.”

While such statements seem to be a step in the right direction for the abolition movement in Texas Michael Landauer, Editor with the Dallas Morning News, offered the following commentary on his February 15, 2010 blog regarding Medina’s comments:

“Debra Medina’s support for death penalty moratorium is worse than useless”

Somehow, Debra Medina, the toxic GOP candidate for governor, used her
empathy for 9/11 truthers to explain why she thinks there should be a
moratorium on executions in Texas.

The twisted logic here is hard to follow, but when you realize what she is
saying, it’s far more damaging to the cause of a moratorium than it is

Essentially, she is saying that she believes there are some credible
doubts at the government’s ability to tell the truth . You know, sometimes
government prosecutors get it wrong on issues of justice, hence the need
for a moratorium on executions. And sometimes, White House officials who
are cozy with Israel and energy companies conspire to blow up the World
Trade Center. Um, no …

Not the same thing.

Not even close.

If the difference is not clear, let me explain: One is based in reality.
The other is based in deranged fiction.

Please, if you want to see a moratorium on executions so that the state
can scrutinize its process and reconsider whether is should have an
irreversible punishment in an inherently flawed system, then please,
please … just stop talking.

To read Medina’s comments as posted by the San Antonio Express News click here.
To read the Dallas Morning News post in it’s original format click here.

One thought on “Commentary on GOP Gubernatorial comment for moratorium on death penalty

  1. Michael Landauer of Dallas News
    TEXAS DEATH PENALTY Blog does injustice both to those who have been put on death row without a fair hearing or trial as well as those Americans who consider it a right and duty to question the U.S. government's 9/11 dogmas.He insults myself and others for taking his toxic '9/11 conspiracy
    nuts' baiting and then when we try to defend ourselves and holes in the government's story he silences us by censoring our comments and shows his complete disrepect of free speech.Below is what I said to Michael Landauer re his 9/11 vs death penalty rant.Note he never denied that ICTS International that guardred Logan Airport Boston on 911 was the same ICTS that let Richard Reid the shoe bomber board an American Airlines flight from De Gualle Airport Paris shortly after that and NOW the Nigerian with his presumed 'crotch bomb'.
    Dallas News 'editor' or censor Michael Landauer has shown himself whether on the issue of the eath penalty or 9/11 not above lieing to aid his own sick political or social agendas whether they have to do with the death penalty,9/11 or other.

    Dear Michael Landauer,
    Still the historic fact remains that Texas' former Congressman Dick
    Armey twisted the arms of fellow congressman post 9/11 to give
    immunity and have no investigation of companies involved in the
    security of Logan Airport Boston,Dulles Airport Washington,D.C.,and
    Newark New Jersey.
    He was not alone and airport x ray salesman and ex Homeland Security
    chief and Israeli government spokesman Michael Chertoff was always hoovering in the background among others.

    And now we are told once again by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) that it is somehow unpatriotic and harmful or worse an insult to American soldiers,(who continue to die for 9/11 lies),to want a real investigation of 9/11.

    However we are still living with Dick Armey's cover up for ICTS
    International which was an Israeli stock fraud incorporated in Joe
    Biden's state of Delaware in 1999 and placed immediately on Bernie
    Madoff's and Mary Schapiro's NASDAQ,(now owned in part by Dubai Sheikh Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum whose country sent over $100,000 to Mohamed Atta at Jeb Bush's pal Wally Hilliard's Huffman Aviation terrorist flight training school in Venice,Florida from Kalid Sheik Mohamed pre 9/11).Placing ICTS International on the NASDAQ allowed Menachem Atzmon and Ezra Harel and the other Israeli ex military boys running not only to steal American
    investor money for their offshore accounts but to more importantly buy Huntleigh airport security and the contracts on Logan and Newark !
    Securacom of Marvin Bush and hid presumed cousin Wirt Walker III and
    Mishal Yousef Saud al Sabah of Kuwait royals who hated Saddam Hussein did unknown work at our Los Alamos nuclear research site in New Mexico as well as work at the WTC and Dulles where one of the 9/11 planes took off from.It was also a stock fraud that went 'public' at $8.50 per share in 1997

    Post 9/11 the Israelis of ICTS International allowed Richard Reid 'the bomber' to board American Airlines flight to U.S. from De Gualle Airport Paris France even though they and El AL admit Reid was already being watched by them and had been allowed to fly from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Israel to visit Hamas that purpose !

    Well now or on Christmas it was AGAIN ICTS International of
    convicted(in Israel),money launderer Menachem Atzmon and Israelis of
    ICTS who allowed the Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
    to board the Northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit with his
    'crotch bomb' !

    So the unpatriotic ones are not us who want this all exposed and
    history taught and news reported but Governor Perry and Kay Baily
    Hutchinson who have aided and abetted the cover up for almost a decade
    now !

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