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News Coverage of Supreme Court Stay of Hank Skinner’s Execution

An hour before he was sentenced to die yesterday, Hank Skinner received a stay of execution by the U.S. Supreme Court. The stay was a temporary halting of the execution to allow the High Court more time to consider Skinner’s appeal to release evidence from the 1993 murder scene of Twila Busby; DNA testing of which could supply without a reasonable doubt his guilt or innocence.

The granted stay does not guarantee that the Gray County District Attorney will be forced to release the forensic evidence for DNA testing. Instead, Skinner is contending in his position that he has a constitutional interest, under Texas state law, in seeking to use evidence that would help prove his innocence. However, a conflict has occurred among lower courts as to whether a DNA access claim can be pursued under civil rights law, or only under habeas law. Since the Supreme Court agreed to examine the issue last Term in the case of District Attorney’s Office v Osborne, the Court decided to postpone Skinner’s execution.
What all this means for Skinner is that based on whether the Court does decide to schedule a hearing on the petition, Skinner’s postponement will stay in effect. If review is granted by the Supreme Court, a ruling is not expected until next term, beginning in October. If review is denied, the postponement will automatically expire and the state will schedule a new execution date.
A number of news sources and prominent blogs have commented on these latest developments, the following is a brief list of coverage.
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Opinion Coverage:
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