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Baylor Professor Asks "What if Jesus had been tried under Texas law?"

Mark Osler, a panelist at TCADP’s 2010 Annual Conference, former prosecutor, and current professor of law at Baylor University, is also author of “Jesus on Death Row: The Trial of Jesus and the American Capital Punishment System”. The idea for the book came after Osler decided to stage the trial of Christ under the rules of Texas law for a Waco congregation.

Osler spoke of his experience with Michael Landauer of the Dallas Morning News. The interview covers a great deal of information on Osler’s bold experiment and the book, one part highlighted here:
Landauer: Do you believe Jesus — and by extension God, his father — wanted his followers to oppose the death penalty?
Osler: I do believe that. I discern God’s will largely through the Bible, and I believe that God wrote the story that Jesus lived out on Earth. That means that God chose the roles Jesus played for a reason, to teach us and show us what is important. Doesn’t it matter, then, that God chose Jesus to be a capital defendant?

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