Stay of Execution: Gayland Bradford

Gayland Bradford, scheduled for execution on Thursday, October 14, has received a stay of execution from the U.S. Supreme Court.   The temporary stay, granted by Justice Antonin Scalia on October 8, will give Bradford’s attorneys time to file a full appeal.  They contend that their client is mentally deficient and that he received inadequate legal representation in some of his earlier appeals.

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5 thoughts on “Stay of Execution: Gayland Bradford

  1. I believe that every murderer put to death not only bring some closure to the victim’s family nut also brings the certitude to society that this killer will never murder anyone else.
    The majority of Americans want the death penalty to be used more often, in more crimes and also in much shorter waiting period. Waiting twenty years to execute a murderer is non sense it should happen a fairly short time after the result of the first appeal, there is no point in duplicating appeals.
    Besides with the lethal injection they have it pretty easy compared to their victims. But on my side I wish the use of hanging would be brought back, the British type hanging, fall, jerk and broken neck, instant death. I like that.
    Abolitionists use false arguments when saying an innocent person could be executed, this is crap, and I do not agree with foreign human rights organizations interfering into US judicial matters. It is not even a matter to the Federal Government but a State Jurisdiction. So, I would absolutely satisfied if instead of executing 50 killers a year we would executive 500, 1000 or 2000, it would be cost saving and would make America a much safer place for children and women who are often victims of rape, abduction, and murder

  2. Herve, have you ever had a family member murdered and then seen the murder of the convicted? It does not bring “some sort of closure.” Instead, it brings the guilt of knowing that, despite the execution being performed by the state, we as victims are somehow responsible for another murder…the murder of the convicted.

    Life in prison is closure enough. Knowing that a man’s freedom is no more, just like my former loved one’s, is far better closure than welcoming the state-sponsored murder of another man.

    My opinion may not be the same as every one else but after being with those I have consulted, consoled, and spoken with…it seems to be far more common than many victimless, “never been there” death penalty supporters.

    Murder is a heinous crime but how is it any better for the state to also murder simply because a judge signs a warrant or because of the “humane” system of lethal injection?

  3. I often wonder how jurors and judges who send individuals to death row feel after the person is actually executed. My thought is that a bad deed does not get corrected by another bad deed. As civilized people we should show those who choose to kill innocent people compassion and place ourselves above their savagery. Life in prison thinking about what you have done and what you left behind in the free world is sufficient punishment in my opinion. All life is precious and no person for any reason has a right to take it away.

  4. “no person has a right to take away life”?

    ALL people have a right to simple self defense…in MANY cases, this involves a death.
    The life of the worst of the worst murderers, child rapists/murders in particular, is NOT valuable…it is a liability we cannot afford.

    How would you feel, allowing a child rapist to live, who later escaped, or was pardoned…who continued his disgusting “passion”?

    I know how I’d feel.

    • How would I feel if I assigned the death penalty to a child rapist/murder?

      A whole lot better than I would if I DIDN’T do my duty & the beast later escaped, or was pardoned (like Kenneth Mc Duff) and continued his disgusting preying on our children….

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