Anthony Graves Exonerated and Released!!!

This just in… Anthony Graves, whose case was featured in Texas Monthly and in the TCADP 2010 Fall Newsletter, has been exonerated and released from the Burleson County Jail, where he was awating retrial.  Prosecutors dropped all charges against Graves and declared him innocent, after conducting their own investigation of the case.  Graves had been convicted solely on the testimony of Robert Carter, who also was convicted of the crime and sentenced to death.  Carter recanted many times before his execution in 2000.

Anthony Graves spent 12 years on death row and another four years in jail for a crime he did not commit.  He is the 12th person in Texas to be wrongfully convicted and released from death row.  TCADP congratulates the legal team, investigators, students and professors with the University of St. Thomas, and everyone else who worked tirelessly on this case.

Read more in the Houston Chronicle.

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4 thoughts on “Anthony Graves Exonerated and Released!!!

  1. Ummm exonerated I think not, he is getting retried, just how is that exonerated? Doesn’t make sense to me at all. You need to write the truth. Wow had trouble submitting, don’t like my comment do you.

  2. I just spent a while reading the Texas Monthly article on its website and was so pleased to see their update that the charges have been dropped and he is a free man (never to be tried again)! Great news, as the evidence leads me to believe he truly is innocent.

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