Texas Executes Cary Kerr Using New Protocol

Last night, May 3, 2011, the State of Texas carried out the execution of Cary Kerr under a new lethal injection protocol that uses  pentobarbital rather than sodium thiopental as the first drug in the process.  This was the third execution in Texas this year (out of 13 nationwide) but the the first using a different cocktail of drugs.   Ohio and Oklahoma have carried out executions using pentobarbital, as well.

Kerr was sentenced to death in 2003 for the rape and murder of Pamela Horton in a Fort Worth suburb.  He proclaimed his innocence in his last words.

Read more from the Austin American-Statesman, the Texas Tribune, and the Huntsville Item.

2 thoughts on “Texas Executes Cary Kerr Using New Protocol

  1. These people are dying in agony according to medical experts. The 3 drug cocktail was never tested properly. The phenobarbital was from a faulty batch and has not been completely putting the prisoner completely to sleep. The experts say that this will cause them to die in agony, that they will feel their blood literally boiling in their veins, then they are actually suffocated by the 3rd drug. There are 3 sworn testimonies from i believe 2 Attorneys and a Clergyman to say the prisoners were not fully asleep at the time of execution. I contacted the MHRA in England requesting a re call of the drug phenobarbital as it is faulty, they said they had tested it and it was fine and refused to re call. This drug was sent from my country England I am ashamed to say, before it’s use for these purposes were finally legislated against and consequently banned. The MHRA say that it is for the State of Texas to now step in and stop the use of it. I do believe however that the DEA have now seized the drugs, which were made and supplied from a tiny room at the back of a driving school office in England. The man profiting from it’s sale was not English.

  2. I am conflicted on the death penalty and feel that life in prison is sufficient and for some life in prison in isolation is needed to protect other prisoners. If though a state does execute how does the state test a drug to see if it is painless and what proof is it that they are dying in agony? A change of a drug does not really make a difference in the process the result is the same, the suffering if any is for a very brief moment and the job is getting done.

    The true concern should be not that we are using insufficient drugs but that we as civilized human beings are putting individuals to death period.

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