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U.S. Supreme Court grants stay of execution to Ruben Gutierrez

Just minutes before 6:00 PM CT on July 16, 2024, the U.S. Supreme granted a stay of execution to Ruben Gutierrez, who was scheduled to be put to death that […]

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TCADP July 2024 Newsletter: Finding actual innocence after nearly 50 years

In this edition: Scheduled executions: Ruben Gutierrez faces execution for the sixth time since 2018 Updates on innocence cases: Kerry Max Cook declared actually innocent; State sets execution date for […]

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State of Texas executes Ramiro Gonzales

Last night, June 26, 2024, the State of Texas executed Ramiro Gonzales for the 2001 kidnapping, rape, and murder of Bridget Townsend in Medina County. These crimes occurred barely two months after Ramiro’s […]

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TCADP June 2024 Newsletter: Sharing Ramiro’s story

In this edition: Scheduled executions: Ramiro Gonzales faces execution on June 26, 2024; share his story on social media, watch his clemency video, and sign the petition to save his life In […]

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TCADP May 2024 Newsletter: Updates on Texas innocence cases

In this edition: Scheduled executions: Dates set for Ramiro Gonzales and Ruben Gutierrez Case updates: Significant developments in the innocence cases of Melissa Lucio and Robert Roberson; two men removed […]

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TCADP April 2024 Newsletter: Creating Conscious Communities – TCADP’s Eventful Start to 2024

In this edition: Scheduled executions: No Texas executions in April or May Organizational announcements: TCADP welcomes three new board members  TCADP 2024 Annual Conference recap: Check out photos from our […]

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TCADP March 2024 Newsletter: Lamenting the execution of Ivan Cantu; Texas primary election day; and new TCADP t-shirts

In this edition: Scheduled executions: Lamenting the execution of Ivan Cantu; stay for James Harris, Jr.; national developments TCADP 2024 Annual Conference: TCADP supporters from across Texas and other states […]

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State of Texas executes Ivan Cantu

Tonight, February 28, 2024, the State of Texas put Ivan Cantu to death despite grave doubts about the integrity of his conviction and widespread calls to stop his execution. Cantu […]