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TCADP June 2024 Newsletter: Sharing Ramiro’s story

In this edition: Scheduled executions: Ramiro Gonzales faces execution on June 26, 2024; share his story on social media, watch his clemency video, and sign the petition to save his life In […]

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TCADP April 2024 Newsletter: Creating Conscious Communities – TCADP’s Eventful Start to 2024

In this edition: Scheduled executions: No Texas executions in April or May Organizational announcements: TCADP welcomes three new board members  TCADP 2024 Annual Conference recap: Check out photos from our […]

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TCADP January 2024 Newsletter: A new year to fight injustice

In this edition: Scheduled executions: A marked change from this time last year TCADP 2024 Annual Conference: Join us on March 2, 2024, for a day of inspiration and advocacy […]

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State of Texas executes Jedidiah Murphy

Late last night, on October 10, 2023, the State of Texas executed Jedidiah Murphy after the U.S. Supreme Court denied his final appeal. Earlier in the evening, the Court vacated […]

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TCADP June 2023 Newsletter: Anatomy of a Wrongful Conviction

In this edition: Scheduled executions: A summer without executions in Texas In case you missed it: U.S. Supreme Court grants stay to Richard Glossip; new reports on exonerations, use of […]

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TCADP May 2023 Newsletter: Opening the door for justice

In this edition: Scheduled executions:  A brief respite in Texas; sign the petition to save Richard Glossip in Oklahoma In case you missed it: U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of […]

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TCADP March 2023 Newsletter: It’s time to save lives and Amplify abolition

In this edition: Scheduled executions: Texas set to execute three people this month, including two next week; sign the petition for Arthur Brown In case you missed it: Andre Thomas files […]

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TCADP 2023 February Newsletter: Case updates, legislative developments, and our 25th annual conference

In this edition  Scheduled executions: Texas scheduled to execute two men this month, despite the fact their juries did not hear critical mitigating evidence about their backgrounds  TCADP 2023 Annual […]