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Texas Death Row Conditions – Recreation Schedule

TCADP has received several letters recently about conditions on the Texas Death Row related to the change to the two hour recreation schedule. This change does not effect all pods and some inmates may like the change, but wanted to bring it up here for thoughts and response.

Previously inmates were given one hour of recreation each day, the other 23 hours spent in cell, except for showers. Currently at least one pod is given the two hour recreation over a 5 day schedule. The other two days consist of no recreation, meaning more than 48 hours in cell. This recreation policy also causes continuous activity in the pod from 3:00 am-breakfast until approximately 12:30 am-Lights out, allowing only 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep for inmates. Mental health is already at risk due to the lack of activity allowed and now sleep deprivation must be considered.

A death row inmate alleges that strip searches and cell searches are not being conducted, the lights out policy (10:30 pm – weekdays) is not being followed. The inmate alleges that Guards are disregarding certain policies to allow them to finish their workload, policies meant to insure the safety of prisoners and guards.

If you have learned of similar complaints, or of inmates who like the change let us know, by placing a comment. Your feedback is very helpful.