Jessica’s Law Receives 30 to 1 vote to pass out of Senate!

Senator Ellis was the one dissenting vote on Jessica’s Law in the Texas Senate, a bill that gives 25 years for the first offense of molestation of a child, and the option of LWOP or the death penalty for the second offense.

Victims’ groups, prosecutors, social workers, capital trial experts all said no to this bill and yet the Texas Senate and the House of Representatives both caved to the political pressure of their leaders: Lt Governor Dewhurst and Speaker of the House Tom Craddick.

So once again, instead of creating policy to protect children our legislators cave to the lowest motivation: making their lives easier while they are working in the Capitol. They underestimate their voters so much that they are willing to fly in the face of multiple newspaper editorials, and the many people with real experience on this issue just so they can make the “higher ups” happy.

The LT Governor pushed this because he wants to be the next one to live in the Mansion next door. The Speaker pushed this because he wanted to beat the LG in getting it out. And all of our elected officials were scared to stop the push. Little boys competing over who has the biggest muscles.

This is truly a sad statement of the affairs in Texas and where the priorities of our legislators rest.