Jose Medellin receives August 5 Execution Date!

Jose Medellin receives execution date for August 5th.

Although the Medellin cases is well recognized due to the Mexican consulate concerns and President Bush’s involvement, a date is a date.

Our concerns are the same. The crime was terrible. And what the state is about to do is terrible.

One thought on “Jose Medellin receives August 5 Execution Date!

  1. I agree to some extent that the parents of the girls should take somewhat of a responsible role. Why would you let your teenage daughter walk home. Any parent in their right mind makes sure that their child has a ride home, especially at night. True these girls did not deserve to be rape and murdered but was the fear of their parents that great that they choose to make a huge mistake. The feared being scolded that they choose to take a short cut. Therefore, it leads me to believe that they could not count on their parents to come and pick them up. Why not? Because they for some reason feared the parents. But the parents choose to go to bed without even checking to see where they were at. They assumed they had spent the night at a friends house, come on…they choose to be slack in the parenting…other stuff held their interest besides te well being of their children. Yes, all of the members in the gand deserve to die…even the fourteen year old and the two brothers who walked away because not one choose to do the right thing and stop the rapes and murders. The only people completely innocent here are Jennifer and Elizabeth. Maybe the death penalty is not right but these guys have to be punished and whether we agree with it or not it is the law. You commit a crime you suffer the consequences good or bad. Everyone needs to start excepting responisblity for their own actions. You can not blame anyone for anything you have done but yourself…so those guys need to blame themselves and be men. Yes they might of changed but look what it took to change them. Do you think if they were still out in this world would they be saints, maybe one would have changed their life but i highly doubt it.

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