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June 3


Speedy Executions Unlikely for Area Death Row Inmates

Despite the State of Texas resuming executions Tuesday, it could be a
while before any of the Brazos Valley's four death row inmates are put to

Carl Henry Blue was sentenced to death in Brazos County after he doused a
pair of people with gasoline and set the on fire in 1994. One of those
victims died from her injuries.

Blue's case is currently being argued in Federal Court where his
attorney's claim he is mentally retarded. Should his appeals fail, his
execution date would be set by Judge Travis Bryan III, 272nd District

Marcus Druery was convicted in Brazos County of shooting fellow Texas
State Technical College student, Skyyler Browne on Halloween, 2002. Druery
then set Browne's body on fire.

Druery's case is also still working its way through the appeals process.
If nothing changes, his execution would be set by Judge J.D. Langley, 85th
District Court.

Lawrence Russell Brewer was sentenced to die for the 1999 dragging death
of Jasper resident James Byrd. Brewer's trial was moved from Jasper County
to Brazos County on a change of venue. Brewer's date of execution would be
set by Jasper County Judge Joe Bob Golden, 1st District Court.

Ronnie Hyde was convicted in Grimes County of murdering a resident with a
hammer. Hyde's case is still under appeal.

(source: KBTX News)